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TAG:10 Fashion & Beauty mistakes

Friday, February 22, 2013

1. bold lipliner & sheer lipstick
2. décapeuse & fake tan
3. contouring on contouring on contouring
4. long,very long,very very long nails...
5.fake lashes in the morning.(Serioursly? Where do you work? )
6.damaged-ripped all star.
7. wear the same outfit with the whole town cause" it's in fashion"
8. wearing leggings as jeans...( you must cover up your butt lady )
9.sheer pantyhose & mini skirts
10.smoking (bad breath bad statement bad attitude... all these are not in fashion )

keep it simple and you will shine anyway !

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Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

aww those leggings some times are disasterous!!!! lol


CaramelandCandles said...

Yes they are!!!!

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